Aussie Series – Needlepunch

Aussie Series – Needlepunch

Aussie Series Needlepunch carpet works brilliantly where all else fails! This is a speciality lifestyle flooring product that is designed for  use in caravans, boats and gyms.

Aussie Series Needlepunch is the best solution when you need a a carpet to perform under harsh conditions. It is a hard wearing flooring type that accommodates the toughest treatment. The Aussie Series carpets are gel-backed and fixed permanently to the floor using adhesive. Also, they are 100% polypropylene. Thereby, making them durable for both interior and exterior settings.

There are three pile designs in the Aussie Series range – Pop, Rail and Plush. Each of these co-ordinate across colours to provide design opportunities. Most furnishing themes will find the darker colourway ranges useful, i.e. Dark Grey, Anthracite and Dark Blue. They deliver excellent benefits such as: permanent anti-static performance, anti-stain and UV resistance.

Pop Anthracite 2236
Plush Anthracite 2236
Pop Dark Grey 2081
Plush Dark Grey 2081

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