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At Crystal Clear Floors, we cater to the different flooring needs and requirements of individuals. We have the best timber flooring solutions in Melbourne. Our solutions will cater to every individual with different tastes and liking.

Timber Flooring Melbourne

Crystal Clear Floors is located in 240B Huntingdale Road, Huntingdale VIC. We have a staff of exceptionally skilled professionals who work to provide top quality timber flooring in Melbourne for both residential and commercial needs. Whatever your need is, from strip flooring to Bamboo flooring and Laminate flooring, we have customized solutions for all your needs.


We, at Crystal Clear Floors, have always believed in providing the best flooring solutions and timber finishes that is top quality. We understand how important excellent trade, personal service and sustainability are. This makes us serve our customers with advanced flooring methods and technologies.
We ensure to keep ourselves updated with the best timber suppliers so that we can take your floor to an exceptionally next level. Our timber flooring gives the perfect floor who have always longed for.
Our team of experts and skilled professionals take care of every single thing; from managing to selection, preparation and installation. We are absolutely obsessed with providing highest level of perfection and quality.


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"We Exceed Our Customers Expectations"

Crystal Clear Floor Services are fully insured.

Crystal Clear Floor Services supply a variety of premium solutions for flooring of all types.

With many years of experience, Crystal Clear Floor Services offer expert advice while providing quality workmanship at the best prices in Melbourne.

Our team of professionals are committed to exceeding customers' expectations. We deliver an efficient service to both domestic and commercial properties.


Timber Flooring Melbourne

Whether you are building a new home or a commercial property in Melbourne or on your way to renovating your existing one, timber flooring is the way to go! It is the best way to make your home or your commercial property look highly appealing, sophisticated, trendy and elegant. Timber flooring allows you to make your property look contemporary and is the best way to make your home or business look smart, clean and chic!

Floating Floors Melbourne

Our timber flooring solutions for our clients in Brighton, Berwick, Bulleen, Chadstone, Cheltenham, Dandenong, Donvale, mentone, Ringwood, Chadstone, Narre Warren and other areas of Melbourne come with multiple benefits. At Crystal Clear Floor Services, we believe in providing our clients complete solutions and therefore, our timber flooring is affordable, conveniently built, easy to repair, maintain and clean, and helps in creating a lovely environment that is full of warmth.

The natural beauty of timber floors remains unmatched by any other kind of flooring option that you can use for your homes and businesses. Their aesthetic appeal and beauty is something that never goes out of style; and only gets enhanced as time passes by. And with proper maintenance, you can enjoy ‘good as new’ timber flooring in your Brighton, Berwick, Bulleen, Chadstone, Cheltenham, Dandenong, Donvale, mentone, Ringwood, Chadstone, Narre Warren and other areas of Melbourne home for many years to come.

Timber Flooring Brighton

The thing about timber is that it is well resistant to wear and tear and therefore, is an ideal flooring choice if your floors experience heavy foot traffic. Whether it is a business you own like a retail shop or a family with large number of family members or a home which has frequent visitors, your timber flooring installed by Crystal Clear Floor Services can survive the toughest of conditions and be ready for use the next day with a wipe of a mop!

And if you are worried about floor preparation and nailing that will be used for construction of your timber flooring then we have the perfect solution for that as well. Crystal Clear Floor Services proudly present to their clients in Melbourne premium quality floating floors that can be conveniently placed on any kind of flooring without the need of nails!
Floating floors are like jigsaw puzzles, attached to each other but not the foundation. Our clients in Melbourne can enjoy top quality timber floating floors that are installed at locations through a hassle free process.

Supply And Install Timber Flooring Melbourne

As experts in our field, we recommend that you choose Crystal Clear Floor Services if you want the best company in Melbourne to supply and install timber flooring for your home or commercial property. We have the requisite expertise and experience to supply and install timber flooring for your property in Melbourne while remaining within the timeframe and budget limitations provided to us by our clients.

We supply and install quality timber flooring in Brighton, Berwick, Bulleen, Chadstone, Cheltenham, Dandenong, Donvale, Mentone, Ringwood, Chadstone, Narre Warren

So pick up your phone and give us a call at Crystal Clear Floor Services for top quality floating floors and complete timber flooring solutions in Brighton, Berwick, Bulleen, Chadstone, Cheltenham, Dandenong, Donvale, mentone, Ringwood, Chadstone, Narre Warren and other areas of Melbourne!

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